Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Brief Analysis of the Apparent Suicide Attempt of Western Europe

“TRIGGER WARNING”: This post is almost certainly the most rampantly politically incorrect article I’ve written. It is not merely poking at PC hysteria, but is blaspheming the Holy Spirit, slapping upside the head all that postmodern PC society holds sacred. Any of you who require ideological safe spaces should turn off your computer, leave the room, and curl up in the fetus position under a table.

     Your destiny is written in the books upon your shelf,
     For history invariably returns unto itself,
          And all the seers and the sages
          Who survived throughout the ages
     Have decreed that you will castrate yourself.

     History is full of gutless bleeding hearts like you
     Who destroyed themselves for lack of gut and thew;
          And the heroes of the past
          Will have their laugh at last,
     For they know that you are finished—you are through.
     The Romans lasted near a thousand years,
     An Empire carved with axes, swords, and spears;
          The world trembled at their feet
          And saw their harvests reaped,
     Their cities raped and plundered, through their tears.

     But Rome grew soft and spoiled and timid just like you,
     And the men who survive this combo are too few;
          All the jewels on their sandals
          Couldn't stop those howling Vandals,
     And they fell like gutless wonders always do.

     You're as weak as milk, and soft as currant jelly,
     So beware the Vandal with the empty belly:

     He will never leap the net to shake your hand;
     He will never try to make you understand;
          He will kick you in the nuts,
          Grease his tank treads with your guts—
     At least you'll do to fertilize his land.

     The following discussion is only very indirectly and tenuously related to Dharma in general, let alone Theravada Buddhism; but now we are at the Epilogue of this blog, or so it seems anyhow, and I am writing about what is of greatest interest to me at present (I begin writing this on 23 March 2016). I have not entirely given up on Dharma however, and even this post will have a little blatant Dharma toward the end, like a stinger in the tail. 
     It has been said many times that history repeats itself. Also it has been said that the only thing we learn from history is that people do not learn from history. This may be especially true nowadays, as many people consider the modern (or postmodern) world to be so different from everything that came before it, with its science and technology for instance, that the events of long ago are no longer really relevant as a guide for our present behavior. We’ve outgrown all that, supposedly. But human nature is still very much the same; humans are still human—all too human—and people continue to make essentially the same mistakes that their ancestors made centuries or millennia ago.
     Consequently it should be no great surprise that the current migrant crisis in Europe (not so much a refugee crisis, since most of the immigrants are not Syrian refugees, but young men from other predominantly Islamic countries in search of opportunity), and especially German chancellor Angela Merkel’s role in the whole mess, can be called a case of history repeating itself. According to the historian Edward Gibbon, author of the great classic The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, after a long decline, the Roman Empire finally began collapsing in earnest as a result of a crisis brought about by a massive influx of foreign immigrants. What happened is that Huns invaded the territory of the Visigoths, east of the Danube, in around 375, with the Ostrogoths having been already defeated and subjugated. Fearing the Huns more than they feared the degenerate Romans, a Visigothic leader named Fritigern requested permission of the weak emperor Valens for his people to settle peacefully in Roman territory west of the Danube; and Valens ill-advisedly granted the request. What began as a controlled resettlement soon degenerated into an uncontrolled exodus of un-Roman barbarians; and within two years these same Goths began running violently amuck, destroying the only large army that the now unwarlike Romans could muster against them. According to Gibbon, the Battle of Adrianople in 378, in which the Roman army was defeated and pretty much destroyed by the “peaceful” Gothic immigrants, marked the beginning of the actual collapse of Roman civilization.
     I suppose I should state at this point that this essay, or whatever it is, is mainly inspired by a brief YouTube video I saw recently, in which a Danish journalist puts forth intelligent, objective, reasoned, and consequently politically incorrect, blasphemous arguments to the effect that the current transliberal feminist orientation of postmodern Europe is leading Europe into cultural and political suicide. The journalist, a woman named Iben Thranholm, begins with comments on the fact that in response to the mass sexual molestations of German women last New Year’s Eve, men in the Netherlands put on women’s clothing and peacefully demonstrated. In order to understand the situation better, you would do well to click the link (which is here) and see it for yourself.
     Consider, just as a kind of foundational circumstance, the hob feminist ideology has played with male/female relationships in the West. Much of feminist ideology sees white men as the enemy, representatives of the repressive patriarchy, the privileged ones who must be brought down in order for there to be equality and a better world. Consequently there is an open season on white men, with many women seeing “equality” as a matter of gaining as much superiority over them as possible. Men may be punished not only for paying unwanted attention to women, but even for having the temerity to disagree with them in public. Many Western men see Western women as having become such monsters that they simply avoid them as much as possible—leading to what is called, in America at least, MGTOW (men going their own way), also known as the “sexodus.” In the USA and probably in Western Europe also, a lower proportion of men desire marriage nowadays than ever before in history. This, besides women being taught by feminism that raising children and holding a family together instead of pursuing a professional career is demeaning and shameful, leads to reduced populations (which might be a great blessing ecologically if everyone were this way, but is a sociological disaster when nearby countries with a radically different culture continue to multiply prolificly and then overflow their borders). It also results in boys being raised without fathers, and being taught to think and act like women, which further results in greater gender confusion, leading to even more disruption of natural heterosexual relations and to the biological sabotage of the race. It also helps, of course, in producing a generation of soft, weak, effeminate men. But that is just for starters.
     The reduced populations of European countries were seen as one obvious justification for welcoming literally millions of immigrants from predominantly Islamic cultures—which, still being male-dominated, traditional societies, still have a centuries-old family ethic and positive population growth.
     These immigrants are predominantly single young men, many of whom are no doubt sexually frustrated in their new environment; and they come from a culture that is lacking in respect for women in general, and especially lacking in respect for women viewed as immoral—which certainly includes most Western European female liberals. Many traditional Muslims view these same women who so enthusiastically welcomed the migrants as shameless wantons worthy of death. Many Muslims also despise Western secular culture in general, and soft, “decadent” men.

Western Europe’s front line against Islamist aggression

     At this point it is expedient to plunge deeper into politically incorrect unthinkable abomination by pointing out some pretty obvious facts about scriptural, traditional Islam. This may be easier on a Buddhist blog, as I suppose I’ve already weeded out many of the secular humanist types who consider all religions to teach pretty much the same stuff. The prophet Muhammad was no doubt an inspired person and cultural progressive in 7th-century Arabia, but fourteen centuries later traditional Islam, as found in the Quran and traditional literature like the Hadith, is anachronistic and barbarous to all in the West but the Muslims themselves—and, ironically, to liberal progressives who consider it to be racist to acknowledge obvious unsavory facts about this particular ideology, not about a race. Muhammad began his spiritual career as a humble man, but ended it as a conquering warlord. Unlike the Buddha or Jesus of Nazareth, he ordered the deaths of hundreds of people, sold women and children into slavery, led armed pirate raids against caravans to supplement the incomes of himself and his followers, and he reportedly had sexual intercourse with a nine-year-old girl. All of this may have been liberal, relatively enlightened behavior for 7th-century Arabia—yet he is still considered to be the ideal role model for 21st-century Muslims. The Quran itself repeatedly exhorts Muslims to kill nonbelievers and hypocrites. The tradition itself commands the chopping off of a thief’s hand as punishment, as well as the killing of immoral women and homosexual men. To all of this the Muslims admit freely, and honor it as the perfect word of Allah, the benevolent, the merciful. This is not just an extremist fringe movement, but is represented within traditional Islam itself, even though most Muslims are presumably peace-loving people who do not participate actively in such draconian 7th-century morality. 
     I suppose I should clarify and emphasize that Islam is indeed a religion of peace, to the extent that peace and mercy are praised in the scripture and the tradition. It is also, however, a religion of violence, as war and the killing of human beings, for certain reasons, are also endorsed. Most Muslims presumably emphasize the peaceful aspects, which is a very good thing, although the warlike aspects are nevertheless still there; whereas canonical texts like the Buddhist Tipitaka and the Christian New Testament condone peace only, and not war. Thus Islam may be a religion of peace, but violent people may use it as a justification for violence to an extent that other religious systems cannot.
     It is true that the Hebrew Bible is even more violent and blood-soaked than the Quran, also condoning the killing of human beings, but there are some significant differences, one of the greatest of which is that Biblical Judaism continued to evolve, as did the Jews’ conception of God: as they became more “civilized,” for lack of a better word, so did their Deity. The Quran, however, by its very nature as a pure, divine revelation to a single prophet, has not and could not be changed or supplemented as civilization progressed. Also of course the Jews have had little intention of spreading their religion, by force if necessary, to everyone in the world, unless maybe their promised Messiah were to take responsibility for that. Also the Hebrews have had little conception of the glory and heavenly rewards of jihadist martyrdom—an idea that has inspired a great many Islamist suicide bombers of late. So of all the major religions in the world today, there can be little doubt that Islam is the one which most condones violence, the killing of human beings, and also the forceful subjugation of women. It is built right into the traditional Islamic system, and no amount of Western politically correct hysterical denial will change this. Traditional Islam and its Sharia law simply are not compatible with Western liberal humanist values.
     So ironically, very ironically, feminized liberals who traditional Islam views as abomination have welcomed with open arms traditional Muslims, most of whom are admittedly peaceful people, and many of whom are willing to conform to European culture, but some of whom are aggressive Islamists who don’t give the slightest damn about Western values, including the rights of women. Even the relatively peaceful Muslims who nevertheless believe that archaic Sharia law should be mandatory constitute if not a majority, a very numerous minority.
     Thus hundreds of thousands of aggressive young men from a traditional Islamic male-dominant culture come to Europe, are sexually frustrated, and gradually become generally frustrated and angry at the non-Islamic “defilement” prevailing all around them. It is no wonder that sexual molestation has become endemic in countries with many new Muslim immigrants; it is no wonder that terrorist attacks are more common; and it will be no wonder at all if the situation becomes much worse before it gets any better. The most aggressive of the migrants do not want cultural diversity; they want mandatory Islam.
     And what do the Europeans do about this? Well, for starters the men put on women’s clothing and peacefully wave signs. Is that going to solve the problem? Of course not. If anything it will make it worse, as such weak responses demonstrate to angry young Muslim men that Europeans are weak and decadent, and manifestly worthy of contemptuous hostility. For that matter, conformist ultraliberals refuse even to see the problem out of fear of looking like politically incorrect racists and Islamophobes and thereby being persecuted by their peers. When several hundred German women were molested in one night by gangs of Islamic immigrants, the feminized governments of Europe, including that of Germany, first tried to cover it all up, but there was such an indignant outcry over social media that they realized they would have to admit to the event…yet still they tried to conceal, or at least downplay, the fact that these attacks, and many others like them, were perpetrated by the same Muslim migrants they welcomed so enthusiastically. In short, the feminized system of Europe can do nothing to stop these events from happening, and for the most part are too hysterical in their denial even to deal with the causes of the predicament. Instead, efforts are being made to censor social media to prevent criticism of the crisis. 
     If you watch the video with Iben Thranholm you may notice that the primary argument of her interviewer, obviously a liberal feminist, is along the lines of, “But the sexual molestations shouldn’t happen!” Regardless of its truth, it is irrelevant. It would be just as ridiculous to say of an earthquake, “But earthquakes shouldn’t happen!” It happened anyway, didn’t it, and earthquakes will continue to happen, regardless of how we feel about that. And the soft, weak, feminized Europeans, including the men, and especially the liberal feminists more or less in charge, lack the backbone or the cojones to stop it.
     It may be that, as Thranholm says, Western Europe’s only hope for survival is a “men’s revolution,” which unfortunately may be perpetrated by pissed off, outraged men, the few remaining who still own a spine, in a reactionary, radical swing to the political right. Thus either way, whether Europe becomes Islamic or not, Western European women will probably lose the insane dysfunctional dystopia they are currently in the process of creating—with the best of intentions of course. The women of Europe may eventually have the choice of either fascism or Islamism! And especially in the latter case retreating into lesbianism won’t be much of an option, as Islamic law has ways of dealing with such women.
     And it may be that America’s greatest hope, aside from reliance on its geographical isolation, is for Western Europe really to be overthrown and supplanted by an Islamist emirate, with homosexuals and “immodest” women summarily put to death (and possibly millions of Jews also—which may sound familiar), to demonstrate the consequences of the insane fucked-uppedness of the policies of the regressive left. As it is, even now, disgust, indignation, and even horror at the endemic insanity of the new left, with its PC culture, victim culture, thought control, feelings police, demonization of white men, etc., is driving Americans by the tens of millions into the arms of Donald Trump.
     Joseph Stalin is said to have said, presumably before the end of World War II, “We don’t have to worry about the Germans, because they will arm themselves out of existence. And we don’t have to worry about the British, because they will expand themselves out of existence. And we don’t have to worry about the Americans, because they will spend themselves out of existence.” Despite being a genocidal sociopath, Stalin seems to have had some political acumen, if not prophetic talent. Anyway, now it appears that Western Europeans in general, and possibly the Americans and Canadians also, are feminizing themselves out of existence.
     If a nice, gentle, cooing little dove meets with a hawk, what do you think is gong to happen? What should happen is irrelevant. If a soft, fleecy lamb as it frisks along meets with a hungry wolf, what can you realistically expect? Wolves gotta eat too you know. Now I may as well toss in the Dharma stinger I promised, so here it is: From a purely Dharmic perspective, violence is ethically unskillful; it is better to die than to kill. So if we in the West all adopt such a view, with nobody willing to sacrifice his own karma, by fighting back, for the sake of society, then the best we can do when violent people want to destroy us and our society and we no longer have anywhere to hide, is to die with equanimity, and to forgive our destroyers. Ultimately, if karma is all that Buddhist philosophy says it is, then we are really destroying ourselves anyway, and getting exactly what we deserve.
     In conclusion I wish to remind you, dear reader, if you managed to get this far, that I am not against the equality of women. (Neither am I an Islamophobe in the literal sense, as “-phobe” means “afraid.” I would advise caution rather than fear. Hell, I don’t hate Islam, as it really can be and is a source of good and of wisdom, not just of violent fanaticism. Sufism is profound. I could become a Muslim much more easily than I could become a Christian, because of all that stuff about the Trinity and Jesus dying for my sins. And I must admit that from the perspective of social Darwinism, survival of the fittest civilizations, traditional Islam may turn out to be a much more viable system than what has come to prevail in the West nowadays.) But although I do endorse equal rights and female equality, I very much do not believe that men and women should be the same. Equal, but different. A civilization that socially castrates men and requires them to behave like women or eunuchs is a feeble, defenseless, doomed civilization, totally regardless of what should be the case.   

oh for the good old days when men fought lions with their bare hands what we've got is this

          Let your wife make your decisions;
          Drink your beer, watch television;
     But your children who are sleeping in their beds
          Will be softer yet than you are,
          And that's taking things too far:
     Oh, you've really put a curse upon their heads!

     Does your daughter, when she trembles in her sleep,
          Hear rockets roar, and hear the marching feet
     Of men who know a craving and a thirst
          For loot of war—and know they'll take her first?


  1. The 'Non-PC hysteria' pendulum appears to swing as far to the right as the
    'PC hysteria' pendulum swings to the left.

    1. Yeah, there must be compensating balance.

      I don't know if you'll see this, but I may be in Bellingham during the second half of May. You're in Bellingham, right?

  2. I think your (or that Danish reporter's) facts need some checking. The migrants are not predominantly young men. They are 55% women and children. Presumably, a fair portion of the men would be middle aged and older, so there may be perhaps 30% young men, or less. As for their origins, 80% come from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq -- all countries in some state of war. Nearly 43% are from Syria, where a brutal civil war is raging. The vast majority thus seem to be legitimate refugees. All this was easily found by a simple Internet search.

    1. I suppose it depends on which statistics one looks at. The 70% men statistic comes up quite a lot among those who do not favor the migration. Also there is some talk about immigrants falsely claiming to be from Syria in order to obtain preferential treatment, and about grown men claiming to be "children," i.e. teenage boys, in order to get in. Some of the pro-migration folks in Europe allegedly pass any migrant man under the age of 40 as a teenager. But of course we all have to depend upon somebody else's figures. Who really knows what the truth is?

  3. Hello Bhante,

    I take it you are getting tired of attending to the comment section of your blog, since new comments have not been unlocked for more than a week or so. And probably you are engaging your mind with other topics, or rather disengaging from. Anyway, I said I'd give you my take on the situation of Europe, and maybe the rest of the world, or whatever.

    I had written up the below way before my last (as of yet not visible) comment to your second previous blog post, and was going to finish and polish it up and expand it a bit, but have not gotten around to it, also because my thoughts and what I found to be important to discuss have undergone some major changes in the process of it. But I'll just dump it here for the sake of reference. (This is a conglomeration of unfinished thoughts with many loose ends.)

    Speaking of Greece, I think the continuous un-solution to the Greek financial debt crisis is a prime example of what lies at the heart any possible imminent "downfall" of Westen European civilization. Not such things as "political correctness" or "social marxism" or some such that you seem to take so serious and that appear to be an actual serious issue among public discourse in lunatic America.
    Our problem here is the unaffordable welfare state for all and everyone, or "the welfare state community" (which the European Union essentially is) that turns more and more into a Chimera that swallows all and brings whole societies into debt and essential slavery to some elusive international monetary fund whose functioning and dynamics are not really understandable to the common peasent, nor as it seems, to national leaders and policy makers who are in dire straits, and being pressured into taking on debts without end. We have developed a structure in Europe where sovereignity of individual states is sold off to a financial Mafia that controls development, and diplomatic relations between countries largely goverened by dirty business around such money from nowhere. Greece had become bankrupt in 2010 and forced to take on the largest loan in history.


    1. Oh, I just noticed that comments have been coming in. Usually they appear in my email inbox, but for some reason that stopped. Sorry about that.



    > Greece is exchanging outstanding debt that is legally and
    > logistically easy to restructure on favourable terms with debt
    > that is difficult or impossible to restructure. It’s as if they were
    > borrowing from a Mafia loan shark to repay an advance from
    > their grandmother

    A problem that could have been solved probably with some actual solidarity and generosity among the more affluent European state members (if the European union were actually based on solidarity and friendship instead of serving monetacracy) at the height of the Greek plight, in place of blackmailing and threatening them to make them comply with their unrealistic standards to become a competitive and productive gear-wheel in the economic machinery, and ultimately ruled by corporate interests of the international bank lobby, after it has been accepted into the Eurozone through fraudulent means, and then squandered non-existent money for so long.

  5. Greece has been pillaged and looted now last year as a consequence, many of its national assets sold off way under value during the course of a "bailout agreement" to the benefit of some rich and corrupt parties, and driven through such "rescue programs" deeper and deeper into a plight that it will now be hardly possible to recover from.

    And it was after this that our beloved chancellor had to become the Good Woman of Shetzuan, after being pictured as a Nazi for playing a leading role in bullying Greece into submission.
    Meanwhile the Greeks have also been burdened with welcoming of the incoming refugees, who, of course, only want to travel through there, and have now become something like a bureacratic outpost for the confused to-and-fro of European migraction policy and obliged to do the dirty work, and now for example have been obliged to implement a very dubious deal with Turkey that must have been thought up as a clumsy attempt to somehow save our chancellor's face in this grand theater while borders to the north are meanwhile closed, and less and less refugees arriving in Germany and other target countries.

  6. This is also why I think that Greece could also be an interesting place for you to visit for experiencing firsthand the envisioned collapse of Western civilization. I think if you'd just bum along there begging for alms you could be in for an interesting experience. I believe that could be really worthwhile, also from a dharmic point of view. You would be able to witness there all the chaos and retransformation into new kinds of societal coherence that come about when old nets of safety fall by the wayside, with all the nuances of madness and humane goodness that such situations bring about. I could imagine that it should be quite possible for begging alms mendicant to survive there pretty well in the current climate and finding good conditions for development in his spiritual practice. In general the Greeks are hospitable and generous people (although their political regimes have been fraught with corruption for a long long time and driven their country to ruin through taking up unsustainable debts over decades; and now, right wing extremists like the "Golden Dawn" are heating up ressentiments against "Muslim invaders"), and especially now that they are essentially on their knees solidarity for their direct fellow human beings has become important.

    I do think Europe is going downhill. All the world speaks of the "refugee crisis". I think what we see is a general solidarity crisis with relations between our countries here dominated by blaming and bullying, and Neo nazi right wing extremists and their paroles gaining foothold in many parts of Europe, and easily hijacking any somewhat sensible Euro-critical "back to national sovereignity" political movement.

    I think my main point that I wanted to get at was that we are more and more ruled by an invisible international financial Mafia, and this and the invisible money from nowhere that is fought about here while everyone is getting deeper into debt is slowly eroding all possibilities for more dignified respectful cultural relationships between the nations here and destroying all true solidarity where it really matters.

  7. Now Germany has in many respects come out as the "winner" in all the coerced negotiations that came from the financial crisis, having become the centre of "power" in many ways through Merkeliavellianism, and now all the responsibility for what lies ahead appears rather frightening with quite strained relationships between countries inside the European union and the challenge of managing or integrating all the migrants.

    I will cut off the rest of my unfinished sophisticated cultured thoughts from here. It is all gibberish.

    The last few sentences of it were:
    As for the picture of "Muslim invaders", however much actual truth in it obviously is when looking at things like Molenbeek and similar ghettos forming alternative cultures, and the very real terror threats of Islamistic extremists, I guess my view on that matter is much more optimistic than yours there. The "invaders" are not that much of a danger. Sure, the Islamic state is a reality. and I was going to add something mitigating to it. But now I don't see much anymore, and meanwhile I don't agree anymore with the second last sentence. Your post, and subsequent aimless stumbling through the media has somehow altered my perspective.

    My apologies for spamming your comment section with longwinded columns of rather unsubstantial thoughts. I just thought I had to finish up on it. But I feel now it would be a waste of your time (just as it is probably a waste of mine).

    If you'd ever come to the West again, I really think you should go to Greece. Or maybe to Germany. I think either could be interesting. I think the Greeks could be more receptive to a Dharmic way of life, if you remember the advice to Punna.

    This is a song for Angela Merkel:
    But I really have some sympathy for her. It was only after her infamous selfie with a refugee and her following inauthentic emotionalization (in order to not appear evil) that she really went nuts. But the subjugation of Greece was the beginning.

    1. I really would like to go to Greece. If there is such a thing as rebirth, then I'm pretty sure I was a Greek at least once. Probably a pagan one. Your idea is a good one. Lots of Greeks speak English, I suppose?

    2. I'm not sure about that. Of course young people nowadays everywhere speak English to some degree, I suppose, due to exposure to the internet, if nothing else. I have been to Greece two or three times in my life, the last when I was around age 12 or 13 or something I think. My impression was that the general acquaintance with English language there was worse than in Germany. At least with the older generation there would probably be much difficulty communicating in English. But with young people I think there should not be too much of a problem.

  8. It seems your true Burmese self is coming through. Possibly from a past life?

    I suspect that most readers are in agreement given the fact that to date no comments have been posed in rebuttal to this blog.

    Crazy busy in Fremont

    1. I'm not so sure I was Burmese in a past life. Mon, maybe, like during the Kingdom of Thaton.

      It turns out that comments stopped appearing in my email inbox, so some comments are finally published as much as two weeks late. Sorry about that.