Friday, June 9, 2017

Sati (Attention)

Hello Everyone
     After a year's vacation I have started another blog, which will be quite different from this one. It is less explicitly Buddhist in orientation, and is especially devoted to political incorrectness. Western Buddhism has been hijacked by a kind of feminized politically correct "progressivism," along with much else in western civilization, and I am moved to take a stand.
     I've mentioned before that refusing to take responsibility for one's own unhappiness and blaming somebody else for it is "the Western disease"; and now it has been systematized into a new movement almost amounting to a religion (a spiritually bankrupt one, but still). Now the "correct" attitude to have is, if you are unhappy, blame patriarchal white men! Bah. The new blog takes on this delusional attitude to the point of absolute heresy. So if you don't like even worse heresy than that contained in this here blog, for gawd's sake don't read the new one. Consider this your trigger warning.
     The new blog is here:
     May you be as happy as Samsara and the First Noble Truth will allow.